How can I forget you if your name is my phone password ? How can I forget you if you've been in my heart for about 4 years ? For God's sake, I love you. Im deeply in love with you. 
Will I ever find a man to love me? Will I ever meet someone who will accept me for who I am? Not for what I have. I just want someone to tell me that he loves me. I'm longing for that words. Sounds pathetic uh? Honestly, I'm afraid to take a risk to trust & love again. After I've been lied by someone. Since then I'm afraid to trust my heart to anyone knowing they will just break it apart & leave it to bleed.
But the truth is I really love you, I mean like I am in love with you. I've never in my life ever felt this way towards anyone. I know this sounds crazy, but before I met you, my life was a complete mess. You truly helped me be myself, and I love you for that. But all I can say is that I'm a total loser, and you deserve better. My love for you will never matter, just like I never will. 

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